A large part of bringing a new puppy into your home is finding the right breeder. You need to feel that I am  providing the right addition to your family, and I need to feel that my  puppy will be well cared for. Let me begin by telling you a little about how we do things at Old Mill Doodles…….

How long have you been a breeder?

We’ve been breeding dogs for over twenty-six years. Originally, we were breeding AKC Golden Retrievers. The doodle transition happened quite a few years ago. I have always been conscientious about screening for health issues prior to breeding; that is why I am comfortable offering a two year health guarantee on my puppies. My female retrievers have all either been born here or purchased from people owning my puppies. This gives me firsthand knowledge of the health and temperament history going back several generations.

Do your parent dogs have health certifications?

Our parent dogs have all passed health screening prior to breeding. All of our AKC Golden Retrievers have either been born here or purchased from breeders that began their programs with dogs from Old Mill. Consequently, we have first hand knowledge of the family health history. The AKC Standard Poodles were purchased from an AKC inspector recommended breeder with over 25 years of breeding experience. The AKC English Springer Spaniels are more recent additions to our program. The same care went into selecting females we thought would produce the quality of puppies we want to offer. We know to produce quality puppies, we need to begin with quality parents.

Do you offer a health guaranty?

We offer a two year genetic health guarantee for each puppy. To see the contract click HERE.

Do you have an application?

Applications for new buyers are the standard these days with dog  breeders. I take a more personal approach with my dogs and the placement  of their puppies. I prefer to exchange information with prospective  buyers through either email or telephone.

How are the puppies socialized?

Taking proper care of the parent dogs and their puppies is too much work for one person.  I’m good, but not that good. In addition to my family, we have several people that come in throughout the week to assist us in both care and play time. We also have a vet tech that visits once a week that assists me in overseeing the health of the dogs and their puppies.

Do you allow visitors?

We welcome visitors at Old Mill Doodles by appointment Monday through Saturday.  Families are welcome to visit prior to making a decision to purchase from us. Disease germs can be carried on people’s clothing and shoes. For this reason, weather permitting, we will show you the parent dogs in their play area  and bring the puppies into our show room. We do ask that only adults pick the puppies up. We have seating for the kiddos and they’re welcome to hold puppies an adult places in their lap. An additional request is that you not visit any other kennels on the same day that you visit us. Germs can inadvertently be carried on shoes and transferred from one facility to another, I’m sure my fellow kennel owners would appreciate the same courtesy.

How are deposits and selections handled?

Deposits are accepted after a litter is born. The deposit holds a place in the selection process. Actual selections are made by the new families in the same order deposits were received. Selections are made when the puppies are five weeks old on a date specified at the time of deposit. We encourage families to make their selections in person, we will  happily assist when schedules or distance prevent a visit on the designated selection weekend. Either way,  the selection is made by the family.

Most of our new families pick up their puppy in person. However, shipping is available at an additional cost to the buyer.

Deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable. Only families with the last pick male or female have the option of transferring their deposit to a puppy in the next available litter. This doesn’t necessarily mean they will have first pick of the next litter. If deposits have already been received for the next litter, they would have the next available slot.

Do you keep the puppies past eight weeks?

Puppies are ready to go to their new homes when they are eight weeks old. We will keep the puppy until nine weeks with only a ten dollar charge for an additional shot. If your schedule won’t allow for picking up the puppy by nine weeks, please discuss the possibility of a longer stay prior to making a deposit.  After they reach nine weeks, there will be a charge of seven dollars per day to help cover the additional food, worming, immunizations, and care the puppy will require while they are with us. It’s in the puppy’s best interest to begin life with a new family before he reaches twelve weeks, if your schedule won’t allow pick-up by that time, we suggest waiting for the next litter.

Do you offer shipping or delivery?

We offer shipping through Delta or door to door personal delivery for those families living at too great a distance to make the trip to Old Mill Doodles. These services are offered at an additional charge. Please verify with us, prior to purchase, that shipping is available to you. On occasion, due to our rural location, the lay-over time is too much for a young puppy. The door to door service is offered by a friend, is at an additional charge, and is only available when the schedule and driving distance are convenient for her. We will no longer offer shipping during the winter months due to the frequent airport closings caused by cold temperatures and winter storms.

Our Old Mill Doodle Blog has information you may find helpful regarding the raising of your Old Mill Doodle puppy.

We look forward to hearing from you. You may contact us if you have any further questions about purchasing a doodle of your own.